Adam Smith

Camera / Steadicam / Gaffer / Drone

Adam Smith is based in the Philadelphia region and travels both locally and nationwide for projects. He has created content for US and worldwide distribution airing on dozens of networks.

He has worked with thousands of personalities and companies including Under Armour, Uber, 76ers, O’Neill Surfing, Triton Submarines, Sikorsky Aircraft, Airstream Trailers, and The National Constitution Center. His work has appeared on television series for Discovery, Syfy, Chiller, Destination America, Velocity, and History Channel.


Composing the right shot to help tell the story has always been a passion of mine. Steadicam takes it to the next level. I have had the privilege of training with the inventor and renowned Steadicam operator, Garrett Brown. With the first release of the Steadicam in 1976, Garrett Brown changed the industry forever.

My Philosophy

My passion lies in how to move the camera, how to frame an image, how to convey a feeling, and in turn how to move the audience and stir their emotions. Whether I am a one-man-band or I’m working on a set with dozens of people, it is my goal to convey the desired message and emotions with the tools I have on hand.

I’ve had the privilege of living vicariously through the camera for the past 30 years, 20 of them professionally as a Camera Op, Steadicam Op, DP, and Cinematographer. Every day I work on set is a new day and a new experience; a chance to learn something new through the eyes of the camera and the people I am working with; an opportunity to be a storyteller and captivate a new audience.